Thursday, June 9, 2011

Geniaus in your pocket

Geniaus Mobile Template
Geniaus has gone mobile. No more should you have to squint and scroll to see the Geniaus blog on your mobile device.

I'm pleased that I selected the Blogger Designer templates for my blogs, Geniaus, GeniAusEvents and GeniMates because Blogger has released mobile-optimized versions of them.

I have set the options for my blogs to use the mboile templates on mobile devices and Blogger Buzz says this morning states "If you are using one of these templates, when you enable the mobile template option your blog will begin rendering using the mobile version of the same variant."

Well I have tried to look at Geniaus on my Windows Smartphone and Galaxy Tab this morning  and they are displaying the normal template.

Have I done something wrong or are there teething problems with these new templates?

PS.  I was just too quick with my test. I have gone back to my tablet and it is now displaying my three blogs in their mobile templates.

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