Sunday, March 22, 2015

World Poetry Day passed me by

I missed World Poetry Day because it fell on a Saturday and my Saturday was spent with our living family.

This is why I missed World Poetry Day
I started Googling around to see what I could post about the day and came across this post that my Genimate Shelley wrote in 2011.  Her poem is so apt as more and more people undertake genealogy testing for DNA.

You can read Shelley's geneapoem here:


Shelley Crawford said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I'd forgotten about that one.

TravelGenee said...

Seems there is a day for everything now days. It was nice to be reminded about Poetry Day, even if it has passed. I sat for a while remembering the poems I loved at school - classic ones where we learnt parts off by heart. Or more modern ones from poets like Ted Hughes that we worked at to understand. I still say the classic ones to myself on odd occasions. I recently heard a brain specialist say that children learning long sections text off by heart helps build paths in the brain that later enables adults to work out complex problems. Go poetry!

FamilySleuth said...

I was thrilled to find a mention of my BLOG, but the link didn't take me there! could you correct it? best wishes, Familysleuth

GeniAus said...

Apologies. I have corrected the error. I really need an editor.


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