Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to 2013

One of the PR people at Familysearch contacted me yesterday about posting my 2015 Rootstech interviews on the Familysearch blog.

He referred me back to the post they did on my 2013 Rootstech interviews. I managed to get more time in the recording studio in 2013 than I did this year and was lucky enough to snag Familysearch CEO Dennis Brimhall, Keynote speaker David Pogue and some notable Aussies, Brits and Americans.

I think these interviews are worth revisiting and I hope you do too.You can see that post and videos here on The Familysearch Blog.

I am definitely going to try for more time in the video studio in 2016. I really enjoy chatting with this diverse range of people (and the video quality is so much better than in my Hangouts on Air).

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I enjoy watching you chatting with all those people. I'll be looking forward to more interviews in 2016. You do a great job!


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