Friday, March 20, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 20 March 2015

It seems as though I find a new Australian geneablog each week to add to my RSS and that makes my task of selecting posts for GeniAus' Gems more difficult. What I also love to see is the resurrection of  some dormant blogs which has occured recently.

1. I am giving myself poll position this week with a post that contains content from many Australian geneabloggers. There is so much interesting reading in this compilation of pre Congress posts.

2. Congrats to Carnamah for creating local history education resources.

3. Diane gives us a peek into rural life.

4. I am in awe of the wonderful work of Glyn Llanwarne. Here is his latest report.

5. Matt shares a letter home from a First Fleeter.

6. Putting this book on my wish list.

7. Yes, I do love reading, Chris.

8. Familysleuth investigates the Jonathan Jarvis mystery.

9. Sherie combines two interests in HSP105

10. In which Alex takes stock....and it's a good result.

11. Jenni discovers some postwar generosity.

12.  Allen is not who he thought he was.

13. It's a bakers' dozen again this week. I knew about VD in WW1 but not much about the VADs.


Crissouli said...

Thanks for including my blog, Jill.. I can't imagine not reading, and even better if free.
I look forward to your weekly list as I can often read about ' new to me' blogs..

Alex Daw said...

Thank you so much Jill for the compliment of being included in GAGs this week. What an honour! :)

GenieJen said...

Also a big thank you from me too. As a newbie blogger, I especially appreciate being included.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention!

Unknown said...

Thanks for including me in your GAGs this week, Jill. What an honour! :)


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