Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Honeymoon is over

When I read Tamura Jones' post on Google+ this morning about the closing down of TheOldReader I had a feeling of Deja Vu. (You can read the story at TheOldReader Blog).

I read the blog post then opened up TheOldReader in my browser, there was a message in a red banner at the top of the screen
We have disabled user registration at The Old Reader, and we might be making the website private. If we do, unfortunately your account will not be transferred to the private site, so you might want to export your subscriptions as OPML and start looking for an alternative solution. More details are in available in our blog: http://blog.theoldreader.com"

That's it, my short honeymoon with this product that I enjoyed using was over. I totally understand the reasons why the volunteers who hosted the site have made this tough decision and I thank them for their efforts.

I needed to find an alternative and quickly. I went to TheOldReader settings and downloaded an OPML file of my feeds because I have only two weeks more access. I will be following my own advice and doing this regularly from my new reader. Not wanting to let the grass grow under my feet I registered with InoReader that was recommended by a few people around the traps.

My OPML file has been imported to InoReader and it looks as though all my Folders and Feeds (and in alphabetical order too) are there. The interface looks familiar (Google reader comes to mind) and I already feel comfortable navigating the site. Although it doesn't have an Android app yet it has a mobile browser interface so I can use that on my mobile devices.

I may have missed reading a few blog posts during the migration but I can live with that.

I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship not just a short fling.


Rosemary said...


I've moved to AOL Reader for now. It's still in Beta testing with some associated problems, of course, but the forums list the requests for features and fixes, you can vote on which ones you want, and there is a status indicator to let you know if they are working on it, considering it, etc.

So far so good. It looks and acts a lot like Google Reader.

Kristin said...

I moved when the servers went down a week or so ago. I don't like what I'm using as much as the Old Reader, but I'm not paying anything for it either.

GeniAus said...

Hope you find your new readers more than satisfactory Rosemary and Kristin.


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