Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Organised

Alan Phillips of Unlock the Past has sent out the provisional program for the 4th Unlock the Past History and Genealogy Cruise.

I see that Alan has me down for five timeslots; this is half the number I presented on the last cruise butas there are more presenters on this cruise there will be more variety for the cruisers.

In the timeslots I am scheduled I will discuss:
Free Australian genealogy websites I love
Before it's too late: interviewing oldies
Librarything for genealogy
Evernote for genealogists
Geneareaders circle - this is a collaborative session that I will moderate

Apparently this is a provisional program so I might yet have a chance to talk about blogging.

As a couple of these are new topics I am starting to put these presentations together by creating notebooks for each of these in my Evernote Projects Stack. Another organisation has already asked me to present one of these talks in the coming months so I had better get started with that one.

I will have to ask Alan Phillips if he would mind making a couple of adjustments to his program so that I can attend a couple of the talks I really want to see but that clash with mine. These are:

What does Freemasonry offer the genealogist - Rob Hamilton
Taking better photographs, an introduction to composition - Jane Taubman

There are so many other talks I am looking forward to, more about those later.

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