Friday, January 13, 2012

In the Force

Allan John Curry 1947

65 years ago today on 13 January 1947 my dad, Allan John Curry, joined the NSW Police Force  and was an officer until he was discharged as medically unfit due to his diabetes in the early sixties.

I recently found this photo of him taken in 1947 at "The Police Depot". From his uniform it looks as though he was dressed for motorcycle duties. I know that he was later a member of the mounted police and in suburban stations but was not aware that he also rode a police motorcycle. I need to apply for Dad's police record so that I can find out the various activities he was invloved in during his time in the force.

I should also shown more interest when he told stories about the various Sydney personalities he came in contact with like Bea Miles, Tilly Devine and Bumper Farrell. I am sure Dad took some great stories to his grave.

My Dad and his fellow officers in the NSW Mounted Police c.1954 

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Rosemary said...

Heavens, Bea Miles ... that's a name from the past.


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