Saturday, January 10, 2009

One of my Favourite Pictures

This post is as a result of an idea from Amy Coffin at WeTree. She has come up with a series of 52 different blogging.prompts, one for each week of the year.

For Week 1: Upload your favorite picture and talk about it on your blog. Answer the who/what/when/where/why of the subject matter and explain why it is your favorite.

The happy couple in this photo are my 2nd great-grandparents, Patrick Kealy and his wife, Catherine (nee Bowe). They lived in the village of Ballyfoyle, Kilkenny Ireland.

Only two of the children of Patrick (c 1810-1875) and Catherine Kealy (1821-1887 ) remained in Ireland; some of their descendants are still resident in Ballyfoyle.One by one the youngsters set off to seek their fortunes in new lands.

My Great-Grandmother, Mary Kealy, who married John D'arcy Tierney in Maitland and settled in Dungog, followed her brothers, Michael and Thomas, to Australia in 1877. Her sister, Alice, then followed in 1880.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have a photo of them together. It's interesting to read how they migrated and where they went.

Nikki-ann said...

A great photo and story, thanks for sharing it with us :)


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