Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How can genealogists use this new tool from Our ABC?

I have signed up, as geniaus, for this service and am now pondering how I can use it to enhance my genealogy habit.

From Chris Coleman

"Share with ABC Contribute

We're introducing a new online space where you can upload photos, video and audio items - ABC Contribute is the place to share your stuff and contribute to ABC Online.

Joining ABC Contribute gives you free access and your own online space. Once you sign-up, you will be able to upload files, maintain a profile and a blog, start discussions and add comments.

ABC Contribute also allows you to join groups and share content with others in your area - or an area of interest.

Your contributions could also become part of ABC coverage on ABC websites, including ABC Local, ABC News, ABC Sport and ABC Rural.

Visit ABC Contribute to claim your ABC space and join a growing community of users sharing their experiences and creativity."

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geoff said...

One of my cousins has followed on from a great aunt who researched our family genealogy. Many people start out to do their family history and i think it is that so many start out withthe idea and passion and have to learn what to do and where to look to get the 'picture' Perhaps the ABC Contribute site would be a great avenue to supply the detalis on how to go about researching it and pass on tips and hints to others?


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