Friday, January 30, 2009

The Happy Dance. The Joy of Genealogy

Item 101 on the 99+ Genealogy Things Meme is "Have done the genealogy happy dance." I was perplexed by this item as I'd never heard of the happy dance. A couple of kind persons made comments on my blog to explain this phenomenon.

Yes, I have done a subdued version of the genealogy happy dance on many occasions. My dances usuually consist of an involuntary "Yes" that causes other users in libraries or repositories that are as quiet as morgues to turn and look strangely at me. On occasion my outbursts have been accompanied by a vigorous punch of the air. Sometimes my dance is very static, I am just about struck dumb by the surprise I get when I uncover a genealogical gem.

Cemeteries in Australia and overseas have caused me to do my version of the happy dance when, on looking for the grave of an ancestor, I find that details of multiple interments are listed on the memorials and tombstones. In Rochdale, Lancs. I found that James Ball had two wives buried with him - a cosy threesome!. In Cobar, NSW I found the grave for an infant sister that my mother did not know about.

The Genes Reunited site, through which I have made contact with many cousins and subsequently broken down brick walls, been given certificates and photos and shared anecdotes has been the cause of much genealogical joy.

Through my internet site several cousins have contacted me. I was ecstatic when a distant cousin who made contact supplied me with a photo of my very stern looking Irish great-grandmother, Catherine Molloy. Only a few weeks later this cousin sadly passed away.

As a most rewarding hobby genealogy has given me many opportunities to do a happy dance.

I'm going to "Keep on Dancing".

This post was prepared as part of the Carnival of Genealogy - 65th Edition

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