Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Genealogy Happy Dance

When I got to number 101 Have done the genealogy happy dance. on the 99 things + genealogy meme I was stumped. I know I live in a distant land but thought I should know about this. When I noted that Carole Riley, another Australian, seemed to know about it I decided to fill in the gap in my knowledge. Good old Mr Google pointed me to these posts:
The Genealogy Happy Dance
The Genealogy Happy Dance again
Genealogy Happy Dance!

Yes, I have done the happy dance, sometimes rather too enthusiastically for fellow researchers (especially those quiet folk at SAG) and will now go and alter my meme response.


Carole Riley said...

I think the Happy Dance is an American invention, most often seen after sporting achievements. I prefer the more intellectual achievement of a genealogical find, although my Happy Dance is not usually as vigorous as the ones you see on TV!


Bill West said...

Hi Geniaus,
The "Happy Dance" is American, I guess, and I think inspired by the
"Peanuts" comic strip where Charlie
Brown's dog Snoopy was prone to breaking out in a dance to celebrate
some happy event. In Genea-Blogger
circles it's performed mostly silently and within the mind, lest we scare the beejeezuz out of friends, family,and co-researchers!

And I enjoyed reading your blog and list!

Bill West


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