Friday, May 6, 2016


I see this word pop up regularly on social media. Just today two gemimates from North America, Lisa Alzo and Bill Williams, used it.

From the definitions I see on the internet Bazinga is a word one uses when one has carried out a prank. Living way downunder in Australia I think I may be suffering from cross-cultural ignorance. 

Why I am curious is that, if this word has some genealogical significance I'd like to include it in the Geneadictionary.

Can anyone please enlighten me?


Dianne said...

It is from a TV show in America called The Big Bang Theory - One of the characters uses it when he tries to play a joke, but he is so nerdy he doesn't really now how to joke.
Another expression you may see from this show in comments sometimes is Oh Snap (darn, oh damn, etc)

Dianne Nolin said...

Hopefully you can see this one - it's the most famous Bazinga on YouTube


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