Friday, May 27, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 27 May 2016

I wonder what I have saved in my Evernote GAGs Folder this week - let's take a look.

1. Not sure when I'll get back to Paris but I'm sure to include some of these.

2.Is there a match?

3. I love Jeanie Baker's work. 

5. Shelley is making use of this resource.

6. Moya shares a tale of survival.

7. A love story from Jenny.

8. A wake up call for Jackie's Mum.

9. A reminder of a baby's passing.

10. Thanks for alerting me to this Irish resource Victoria.

12. Thanks James for this reminder of one of Sydney's icons.

New to Me Blogs
Wagga Wgga and District Historical Society.

My Gene-Adventures

I have an adventure planned that will keep me busy for the next seven weeks so I may not be sharing any GeniAus'Gems during that period... but never fear.... I will return.

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