Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Many Happy Returns

This is not a birthday post.  Last week I wrote about how I had pulled all of the BDM and other interesting certificates out of my files and was doing some nitpicking. Just this morning I read a post from Canadian genealogist, Lorine, who also extolled the virtues of returning to old records.

It feels like my birthday because I uncovered some clues that lead me to find some facts on direct ancestors  that I had previously missed. I also found a few silly things I had done. In my earlier post I shared some of the things I had found....but wait - there's more.

I found a Marriage Date and Place in Sydney for Patrick Curry and Ellen Moore. This pair claimed to have been married in Limerick, Ireland prior to their transportation to Australia. A visit to the Limerick Church they named and a helpful priest who let me look at the registers did not find such a record. I'm pleased they got Churched in New South Wales.

For nearly 30 years I had thought that my 2x Great-grandmother, Bridget Ryan, was a good swimmer. I can now report that the good swimmer genes don't come from Bridget. She enjoyed the journey to Australia in 1849 with her sister, Ann, on the good ship, British Empire. I had missed the clue on her death certificate that she first went to Victoria and I had believed a newspaper article that said she arrived ea few years earlier.

I killed off Mr GeniAus' 2x great-grandmother, Jane May. Mr GeniAus wasn't half as excited as I was. We have previously visited the cemetery where she is buried, perhaps we need to visit again and diligently check all the headstones.

When I visit some repositories I go crazy taking photos of documents and sometimes, when I get home, I forget to go nitpicking and record all details. I found a couple of Death Certificates whose details I hadn't recorded  lurking in Probate Packets. Perhaps I should fetch less and spend quality time on what I manage to collect.

I got a couple of surprise when I found some certificates misfiled in the wrong folders. That's probably why I found that I had purchased duplicate certificates for some ancestors.

I am sorry to report that I had to do some pruning and lop a branch off my tree. We all make mistakes, I had given some poor woman a couple of extra children.

It wasn't really of any consequence but it was interesting to see that one of Mr GeniAus' ancestors who worked for an undertaker was a witness at the burial of one of my ancestors.

Of course I found the small pile of certificates I had bought in error.  I must hnd these on to a society or site that will make them available to others.

I was wearing my halo after completing this task until this morning when I was on my feet dealing with piles of paper. I found a plastic sleeve that contained 72 more BDMs!

No prizes for guessing that more Nitpicking is on my agenda.


Shelley said...

72! That's like a pile of money right there!

GeniAus said...

Collected over many years, Shelley. When I was a a working girl I used to splash the money around more than I do now.


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