Sunday, June 9, 2013

Surprise of the week

I was alerted on Social Media to a new list of "The Top 90 Genealogy Blogs", I did not know the company behind this list I followed the link and started reading through the list of sites. I always enjoy lists like this as they provide potential new reading material.

The first category listed new blogs; all of these were new to me.  As I read through the remainder I saw many of the more popular North American blogs and a few international ones including a relatively new Australian one, KK Genealogy that I had not previously read. I am now following it in my RSS reader.

When I read the list more closely a second time I noticed a familiar blog title on the list, my other blog, Android Genealogy, I was delighted to see this niche blog that has a much smaller readership than the Geniaus blog getting some recognition.

I do not know the people behind this list but I thank them for giving my blog a place on the list and making my day.


Kim said...

Thank you for joining our site Jill and big congratulations on your entries in the Top 90 Genealogy Sites List. It's nice to see we are in fine company! :)

Kim and Kristy from

Louis Kessler said...

Thanks Jill, for reminding me of your Android Apps site, which I hadn't visited in a while.

I see you only have 12 listed on your Android Apps - Genealogy page.

If you want to check out a few more, Tamura Jones has a list of Free apps:
and Paid Apps:

and there's 35 listed at GenSoftReviews:


Sharon said...

Well Done and Congratulations Jill. It must be very satisfying to see your hard work recognised.


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