Monday, June 3, 2013

Memory joggers

Have you kept any old certificates?

Sadly my Mum didn't keep many of the few certificates I got when I was growing up so I haven't got those mementos that are also great memory joggers for events that were significant in my life.

I tried to keep all sorts of stuff relating to my children's journey through childhood and adolescence so that there is some sort of record of the milestones in their lives. Now I never seem to throw anything out although I am starting to scan and discard some things like tickets and programs.

But I keep and treasure the certificates I get from various events. I will treasure the latest addition to my collection, a Certificate of Appreciation from The Central Coast Family History Society that I was given after presenting a session to them on the weekend. The certificate has been scanned and the original placed in my genealogy folder.


Julie Goucher said...

I have all my school commendations & certificates right up to those I have acquired as an adult. I also have all my school reports. My grandmother kept those of my Mum & I have those too. Sadly, we have almost nothing of my husband's but do have his passing out bits from the Navy & Prison Service. Perhaps I might scan a few bits and do a blog post one day.

Talking of tickets & programmes I came across the copy of my ticket, info & the advert for the Gertude Jekyll exhibition in London in......1993.

Kylie Willison said...

Good idea Jill, I need to scan some of my childrens' and my own certificates.


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