Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Future Family History

Do you concentrate your blogging efforts on genealogy and history related topics and other pursuits? Have you considered writing a personal blog?

I've made a half-hearted attempt at a personal blog, jillballau, where I post the odd thought and, when I am travelling, a few reports and photos of the places I have visited. Whenever a friend lets me know that they are writing a travel blog I subscribe and enjoy the vicarious travel experiences I get from reading about their journeys.

My personal blog
Today as I was reading another friends travel blog it struck me that what she is recording is creating a wonderful resource for future generations; her blog is a family history resource of the future. Oh, how I wish I had access to the stories of everyday life that my grandmothers told; wouldn't it be wonderful if I could access a blog describing the random thoughts and travels of my ancestors.

As genealogists we look so much to the past as we gather stories of our ancestors for ourselves and our children. Today a light bulb went on for me - I am going to try and share a few more thoughts and photos on my personal blog so that, when I am gone, future generations will be able to read a little about their Gummy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Jill. You've certainly spurred me on to finally do this. It's something I've been thinking about for some time now, and for exactly the same reasons you've given.
It will be for future generations and others who may choose to read it now are warned that they may find it quite boring... :-)

Unknown said...

I've been trying to do this. As family historians our job doesn't end with the dead relatives !

Sharon said...

We don't mind writing about our ancestors but I find it difficult to write about myself. Well for a change this week I tried and mentioned you in my post as the inspiration.

Tanya Honey said...

I agree Jill. This was one of two reasons I wrote a blog recently on our family trip to Hawaii, for our children and their children to read when we are no longer around.

The other reason is so I can remember, because it is so easy to forget!


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