Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Jackpot

I guess it helps that my knowledge of The Family Historian software package is rudimentary so I have lots to learn.

Yesterday I hit the jackpot. I pointed the Bambino in the direction of Wyong and motored up the F3 freeway for the Wyong Family History Group Family Historian Interest Group (that's a mouthful) meeting which turned out to be a workshop lead by the very knowledgeable John Owen. On arrival I was welcomed warmly and made to feel at home by John and the group. I think there were around 8 others in the group and more than half of us had our laptops with us.

After going over last month's homework (where I learnt some valuable new tricks) John launched into a demo of today's tasks that involved setting up various customisations in our databases. After the demo we all tried to apply our new learning with John fielding our questions and guiding us. This is a fabulous way to learn - much more effective than some "chalk and talk" lecture or learning from a set of printed notes.

I now need time to modify my software and add some of the bells and whistles John demonstrated.

A major outcome for me in the light of what I learnt today is that my decision to change to Family Historian  was further justified. My previous program was known for its facility to be customised.  Family Historian  is similarly customisable plus it has other features that make it attractive to me.

Thanks, John and members of  the Wyong Family History Group Family Historian Interest Group,  I had a fab afternoon. I'll be back next month.

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