Friday, March 28, 2014

Clogs, Tulips, Windmills

The Powerpoint for my speaking gig  to the Year 1 boys at The Kings School next week is done but I thought I should balance out the family tree of my Grandson who is the case study for my talk.

The GeniAus side of the tree was looking rather healthy but the tree was a bit lopsided. My daughter-in-law has Greek and Dutch ancestry so that was a challenge for me. I tackled the Greek side a few years ago with the help of The Castellerizo Genealogy pages but I hadn't done much searching for the Dutch side. I am not going into depth for these lines but I want basic BDM details that I can source reliably.

I remembered reading somewhere early this year that there was a new government site for Netherlands research and went looking for it today. Wie Was Wie is an amazing site that has transcriptions of Birth, Death and Marriage Records plus Census Records and other Historical Documents. With the help of Google Translate I have been able to build a quick pedigree for D-I-L's Dutch Dad.

Google Translate helped me navigate this site.
I have now moved into the 18th Century on this site and have found BDM dates and occupations for Dutch dad's direct ancestors. The interface is a dream to use.  Haven't got time to write more as I want to see if I can move back another century.

If you have any Dutch connections give this site a try or just take a look for interest's sake.


Jackie van Bergen said...

I must have another look at this.
When it first started it was difficult to use compared to the site it replaced (Genlias) which had an English version built in.
The Dutch records are so detailed and you can get so much more info from each registration than you can from ours here in Australia.

Tracing Family Branches said...

Have you tried this website, it has helped me to locate quite a bit about my husbands Dutch East Indies ancestors

GeniAus said...

Thanks Tracy. Good to know.

Hester said...

Hi Jill Ball,

I just stumbled upon this post, and I'd like to thank you for your nice comments about our site! More important though, I'd like to point out that we have an Englisch version: WhoWasWho

Greetings from Holland!

Hester (WieWasWie-communications)

Hester said...

Whoops! English/ that is ;)


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