Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thanks, Amy

Lately I have been distracted by my globetrotting and haven't given Rootstech much of a thought except when I have been telling my fellow tourers from the US what a great event it is.

I was pleased to get a reminder email from Amy one of the Rootstech organisers who noted that I hadn't yet completed my registration for the event. Luckily I am at a hotel in Barcelona that has a free wifi connection so I am about to complete that task. There is no way I would miss it.

I just went over to the Rootstech site and was pleased to see that it is sporting a new look (I didn't like the previous iteration of the site) that is a great improvement.

10 minutes later

Mission accomplished. I am all registered and so is Mr Geniaus!

Mr Geniaus is not into genealogy but supports me in my endeavours; last year I registered him for the full conference and he had a great time socialising with my fellow bloggers and other people he met along the way but the talks weren't really his thing. It was also handy to have him along as a sort of Personal Assistant to take photos for me, to run errands and fetch me lunch. He had previously indicated that I should not register him for the conference but when I told him about the Getting Started Track that would give him access to the exhibition hall and some beginner's lectures for only $39 he jumped at the chance to register.

It seems he really like my blogger mates who "were so nice to him" that he wants the opportunity to hang around the conference and chat with them.

Warning to procrastinators

You may have read that some conference hotels are full and that additional official hotels have been added. When I logged in to register I noticed that most of the hands-on computer workshops are already sold out and as are most of the speciality lunches.

So if you need a bed, want to hear some great lunchtime speakers while being well fed and a hands-on class I suggest that you register for Rootstech right now.

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Sharon said...

One day I'll get there.


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