Monday, October 1, 2012


One of the stands at the recent NSW&ACT State Conference that really interested me was hosted by The Kari Group.  
Kari Group

I am quite sure that I have an aboriginal ancestor, Biddy Sergeant, whom I think was the mother of my ancestor, Bridget Ann Hayward.  I just can't find any evidence to support my supposition. Unfortunately I didn't get to visit the stall until the very end of the conference so I didn't have time to converse in depth with the friendly people there. 

In the short time I had they were most helpful and gave me a wad of handouts from AIATSIS that I am just getting around to  examining. I was just having a wander around the AIATSIS website and found that they have a Family History Unit and that the wad of papers I was given as handouts are available on their site as downloadable .pdf files from the Family History Kit. One can also search for a family name in the Aboriginal Biographical Index

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Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

A very tricky genealogy research issue, especially the further back the ancestor is. Look forward to hearing the outcomes.


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