Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Still Chasing Rev. Ryan

The highlight of our Norfolk Island visit has been finding sites related to our GGGU ncle, Michael Harrington Ryan, Catholic Chaplain from 1848-1852 in the second convict settlement.

The Catholic Clergyman's Residence where Michael would have lived can be found at 10 Quality Row in the World Heritage Area. 

I was also fortunate to find some more biographical information on Michael in the Island's Research Centre. I am fascinated by this man and am always on the hunt for more stories of his life.

The Catholic Clergyman's Residence is being restored

If only I could travel back in time and visit Michael here

View from the lookout

The Catholic Chapel (now demolished) where Michael would have worked and worshipped 

Site of the Catholic Chapel near the gaol

This could be a scene from 1850

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your findings on Rev Ryan Jill. I was hoping you’d post about your Norfolk Island finds.


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