Saturday, March 31, 2012

Social Media Mob

I suspect that the majority of the attendees at this week's Congress do not use Social Media. There was, however, a small group of active Tweeters and Bloggers who shared news and opinions about  Congress  happenings via Social Media. Sharing our experiences in real time via social media enhanced our  enjoyment of the Conference.

As the Official Blogger for the Conference I tried to encourage others to blog and tweet and endeavoured to so so myself.  Some of us had not previously met in person but we came together as good friends because of the communication we have had via various social media over the last couple of years. Over the the next few days I will compile and publish a list of links to all the posts written about Congress. It will be a valuable archive of reports for the future.

Thank you to the bloggers who joined with me to wear gaudy blogger beads during Congress.

I was pleased when Alona Tester from Gould suggested that the Geneabloggers at Congress gather for a group photo today.Thanks to Mr Geniaus who came over to the Convention Centre today to act as photographer.

Australian Geneabloggers
(L-R) Cassie Mercer, Sharn White, Shauna Hicks, Judy Webster, Alona Tester, Helen V Smith, Seonaid Lewis, Jill Ball, Liz Pidgeon, Jenny Joyce, Kylie Willison Absent: Kerry Farmer, Carole Riley
(L-R) Sharn White, Cassie Mercer, Alona Tester, Judy Webster, Helen V Smith,  Shauna Hicks,  Jill Ball,  Seonaid Lewis, Liz Pidgeon, Jenny Joyce, Kylie Willison Absent: Kerry Farmer, Carole Riley

Congress Dinner

Together with about half the Congress Attendees I donned my gladrags last night for the Conference Dinner in The Adelaide Convention Centre. 

Shauna Hicks, who spoke at the Congress, was the Hostess of my table. We were joined by Michelle Nichols and Jonathan Auld from Ebenezer, NSW, Seonaid Harvey from New Zealand, a lady from Penrith, NSW, a couple from Brisbane and a couple from Blaxland in the Blue Mountains. Five of the six people who were tweeeting from the dinner were seated at out table; the other Tweeeter, Liz Pidgeon was a few tables away. We had great fun talking, laughing, tweeting and posting cheeky messages about the evening.

The entertainment for the evening, a bush dance ensemble was a bit corny but was enjoyed by many, our mate Seonaid joined in the fun when members of the audience were invited to take part. June Penny from the ACT was  a very popular the recipient of the AFFHO award for meritorious service to family history. Familysearch representative, Dan Poffenberger who fancies himself as a comedian, was the after dinner speaker giving a humorous presentation looking at quirky entries from parish registers and other documents.

As usual my camera came out of my handbag to record images of the evening.

Kathleen and Patsy

Mel Hulbert (L) and Friends from Botany Bay Family History Society
Jenny Joyce, Natalie Dempster and Jackie van Bergen
Jan Gow and Shauna Hicks
Trevor and Mary Ann Rix
Michelle Nichols and Jonathan Auld
Bruce and Barbara Simpson
Mr and Sue Reid
Shauna Hicks, Jill Ball, Seonaid Lewis
Dinner Sponsor was the NSW Registry of BDM
Main course - a lot of chicken with a few vegetables
Tweeter at Work
Bushdancers provided entertainment
June Penny (Left) listens to her Citation
Liz Pidgeon took a break from Tweeting to visit out table
The Assembly listened intently to Dan Poffenberger
Red Carpet Ladies

Friday, March 30, 2012

Congress - More People that you Meet

I have been so busy talking and networking at Congress that I have been neglecting my camera. Hopefully it will get a good workout at The Congress Dinner that is to be held this evening in The Convention Centre.

Following is a small collection of mugshots that I took today and yesterday.

Loved this lady's genealogy Tshirt

Gary George from Find and Connect South Australia - a Fab project  
Graham Brown - WAGS President
It was a most humorous keynote from David Holman

Roger Kershaw from the National Archives Kew was generous with advice

I met my online mate the lovely Liz Pidgeon (@infolass on Twitter) for the first time

A smiling customer who listened to my Flip-Pal spiel
Another smiling customer who listened to my Flip-Pal spiel
Another online mate Sharon (@sootybear on Twitter) (Right) whom I also met for the first time in person with her workmate
Noeline Kyle gave a great talk on Writing Your Family History and kept us awake in a stuffy room at the end of the day

My Pal - Flip-Pal

I have been a fan of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner since I purchased mine at Rootstech 2011.

Many of my Australian friends in genealogy have been quite envious of my little Pal and have lusted after one for themselves.  The good news is that they are now available for order in Australia from Gould Genealogy

Alan Phillips asked me if I would help out on the Gould stand at Congress today and tomorrow with demonstrations of the device. I had great fun at morning tea and lunch putting Gould's demo Flip-Pal through its paces. I didn't have to do any selling - these little devices sell themselves. 

Thanks to Michelle Nichols who took this snap of Geniaus playing salesperson and emailed it to me. 

I'll be back on the Gould stand during the breaks tomorrow (Saturday) so, if you are around, please come and say hello and I'll put the Flip-Pal through its paces for you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lord Mayoral Reception - 2

This evening the Lord Mayor of Adelaide (in absentia) hosted a Civic Reception for a number of delegates, speakers and sponsors at the Adelaide Congress. As the Official Conference blogger I was lucky enough to be included in the group invited to this function in the historic Queen Adelaide Room in the Adelaide Town Hall. On arrival guests were greeted by Deputy Lord Mayor, David Plumridge.

Following is my second set of photos from the event.

Kerry Farmer and Melinda Hulbert
Anthea Phillips, Nancy Baldock
Alan Phillips, John Coldwell
Jan Gow (Apologies to gentleman whose name I neglected to record)
UK Speaker: Chris Watts
Christine Clement, Councillor Michael Henningsen, Seonaid Lewis
New AFFHO President Kerrie Gray
Mrs Brown, Graham Brown
Robyn Middleton, Frankie Anderson, Robyn Williams
UK speakers : David Holman, Roger Kershaw
Mark and Meryl Stephenson
Heidi Ing, Lois Zweck
Robert Kidd, Vicki Eldidge
Lesley Silvester
Daniel Horowitz, Robert Kidd
Mike Murray, Carole Riley
Lindy Taeuber, Mei Shackleton
Jill Ball, Allen Evans
Queen Adelaide
Dan Poffenberger


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