Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Joynealogy in Action

 Sunday was a great day of Joynealogy for me (and I hope the genies at Wyong Family History Group).

Way back during Covid times my 3rd cousin, Regina, asked me to present a seminar at her local family history group. Covid caused a few hiccups with scheduling a face-to-face event but, after a false start or two, we finally agreed on Sunday 20th April. If Covid reared its ugly head again we decided we could go virtual.

The gods shone on us and the seminar went ahead as a face-to-face event at The Wyong Golf Club last Sunday. My day of joy started with a voice (from genimate Janelle) in the carpark calling out "Jill" as I alighted from my car.

It's two years since I caught up with these genimates

My joy continued right through the day from when I gathered with the earlybirds on the steps of the Club waiting for opening time until the end of the day when I sat down and had a gossip with some genimates whom had I hadn't seen in the flesh for two years.

There were a number of my genimates and so many familiar faces at the event who all politely laughed at my "Mum" jokes. I hope they also learnt some new tip or tool to take away. The joy of the occasion, Wyong Family History Group's first seminar in quite a long time, was not so much in the learning it was in the camaraderie and mateship of those who attended the event. It was so refreshing to talk with real people rather than talking heads on a screen.

I presented three talks selected by the Wyong genies under the banner of 21st Century Genealogy : using old and new tools to connect and communicate - Social Media for Genealogy, Frugal Family History and Cousin Bait. I love gabbing on about my favourite tools.

I was captured in action by Regina

Regina and I were both smiling like Cheshire Cats when another of her cousins captured this happy snap at the end of a successful day. Oh, such Joy.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Interview with the Big Boss at Rootstech

I was blown away when an invitation to interview Jen Allen, Director of Events for Familysearch appeared in my email box last week. I hear that just five Rootstech supporters from around the world were offered such an opportunity.

I was incredibly nervous when I logged onto zoom and chatted with Andrew Parker from Rootstech prior to Jen's arrival. The good news was that I had a good connection from Narrabri in country, New South Wales to Jen in Salt Lake City, Utah. That the technology was cooperating was a good omen.

Immediately she came online Jen made me feel comfortable before Andrew hit the Record button for us. We had what I hope sounded like a conversation rather than a formal interview. Jen with her bright and bubbly personality certainly made my job so easy. She graciously answered all the points I raised and I went away extremely satisfied and more knowledgeable about Rootstech 2022 and future Familysearch events.

Andrew promptly sent me the interview recording via WeTransfer (what a nifty free tool). On reviewing the video I realise that I forgot to formally introduce Jen, oops. I also spent a bit of time looking down at my list of dot points to cover (I don't prepare formal questions). On the whole I am quite pleased with the result and send my sincere thanks to Jen and the folk at Familysearch for the invitation. 

If you'd like to see what we had to say you can watch the video below.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Genearosity at Lightning Ridge

I've been enjoying a sojourn in Narrabri with Mr GeniAus. On our weekends we have explored neighbouring towns and historic sites.

As a genie I love to detour past the local cemetery in any towns we visit. When we pulled up in Lightning Ridge we were surprised to see that so many of the plots had simple white wooden grave markers which appeared to be made by the same hand. On closer inspection we noticed that these simple crosses were all the same and the details on them appeared to be inscribed in the same hand. These inscriptions give names and birth and death dates of the deceased. 

Graves with unknown occupants also have markers

I was unable to discover who was responsible for this local project, which is a great example of genearosity. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.


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