Thursday, March 3, 2022

Don't hurry - be happy at Rootstech

Rootstech is here and I am ready to learn.

With the Rootstech recorded sessions now live I decided to go through the offerings and create my playlist. There is so much on offer. I am not going to stress about filling my days with watching zoom sessions, mine will be a relaxed approach over many days, weeks and months. This is necessary to experience the Joynealogy of Rootstech.

I am working out which Live and Main Stage sessions are on at Australia  friendly times and try to watch them live as they offer the most opportunities to Connect with other genies.

Meanwhile I am spending my afternoon creating my playlist (I made sure I narrowed it to 2022 sessions) and adding selections. It's hard to decide on what I need to know and what would be nice to know! I also want to support my genimates by watching their sessions (and giving their number a nudge in the all important statistics kept by Familysearch). 

When I am satisfied that I have dealt with the content of a session (I may need to watch some things more than once) I will delete it from my playlist. When I hear what others think of what they view I will adjust my playlist accordingly.

I believe that "Just in time learning" is a most effective means of learning anything so, whenever I have a need for knowledge in the future, I will use the search facility on the Rootstech site to find appropriate sessions. These sessions may or may not have been in my original list.

I am delighted to see that so many sessions from 2021 and 2022 will be available as an online learning resource. Just yesterday I came across a session that filled a gap in my knowledge from the 2021 event. 

My approach fits in with my 2022 research goal "Have fun and find stuff" and my new theme song "Don't hurry - be happy".


Jennifer Jones said...

I love your approach Jill. Last year I was gung ho for the sessions but concentrating on keynotes this year and will fit in a few sessions between. I love your research goal and theme song

GeniAus said...

Thanks Jennifer, hope your event was a bit calmer this year.


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