Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I missed the party

 I missed a party on the Australian geneacalendar last night.

Twelve months ago my genimates Fran, Pauleen and Sharn launched their Australian Genealogy weekly  Twitter chat, #ANZAncestryTime. I was flattered to be invited to be a host so merrily joined the team even though I had found my earlier forays into Twitter chats quite stressful.

I soon found the fast paced Australian sessions similarly stressful.  I soldiered on in the team for a few months but decided to pull the plug on my involvement as I found the format was all a bit too fast for this old girl who is hampered by a lack of keyboarding skills and who likes to mull over things before jumping in. I now enjoy looking through the #ANZAncestryTime posts at my leisure on the morning after the chats and follow up on anything that sparks my interest. I adhere to the old adage that there are horses for courses and I just wasn't the right jockey for this venture.

I congratulate FranPauleen and Sharn  for their commitment and perseverance to this venture and wish them many happy years of geneatweeting.


Jennifer Jones said...

I V was thinking of exactly this in the few days leading to our Birthday discussion. I remember the early weeks of #ANZAT as being really stressful because it was so fast. I’m really not sure if the speed of the conversation has slowed down or if I’ve just become accustomed to it. I rarely notice it these days.

crgalvin said...

Your absence was noted, go to the naughty corneršŸ¤£!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I suppose Twitter is a particular type of social medium and does tend to foster fast and furious. In the beginning, the hour would seem head-spinning at times, but I do think it’s something that becomes familiar. Having said that, it is all horses for courses and we do what we favour….no right or wrong. Thanks for your supportive comments of the hosts…years of genea tweeting is a daunting thought.

Anonymous said...

Don’t tell anyone however I often miss tweets on the night and just accept that I am not a fast reader. The good thing with hashtags is that we can follow it up at a later date and Sue’s summary blogs are most useful when referring back to a topic.


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