Friday, November 14, 2014

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 14 November 2014

For this 8th edition of GAGs I have decided to highlight posts around a particular theme so I have been ignoring  general topics. With Remembrance Day being celebrated this week I have chosen posts with a WW1 or military theme.

I have enjoyed the following and many other posts written with a commemorative theme over recent days. Presenting in no particular order some selections from my RSS feeds this week: 

1. Shauna 

2. Lenore

3. Clan MacFarlane

4. Pauleen 

5. IwiKiwi

6. Crissouli

7. Sharon

8. Thames New Zealand

9. Nola

11. Carnamah Historical Society

12. Canada Bay Connections


Crissouli said...

Thank you, Jill. I was totally immersed in this project. There is so much information available via our Australian service records and being able to filter the results in so many ways, is a great bonus.

Maggie said...

Thanks for including my post, Jill. I've enjoyed reading the others too.


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