Friday, June 2, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 2 June 2017

Well the great news of the week that has kept me occupied is with the GeneabloggersTRIBE Leadership Team.  There has been much geneacommunication across the Pacific and beyond as our Team Leaders worked to get the Website and other social media assets set up for the launch.

1. The announcement from Thomas MacEntee that he is handing over certain assets to the GeneabloggersTRIBE.

2. The new GeneabloggersTRIBE website.

3. There are two Aussies on the leadership team. (Shameless self-promotion)

4. Pauleen shares her excitement about past and future events.

5. Little Wandering Wren is settling down in Thailand.

6. Victoria is also on the move.

7. I'd say they are pretty good Jen.

8. Cousin Bate

9. Radicals in the Hawkesbury.

10. Roots and branches in Sydney.

11. A new blogger on the GSQ team. G'day Joan.

12. And so it should Alona.

1 comment:

GenieJen said...

This intermittent blogger greatly appreciates the mention in your weekly list. I started reading blogs after hearing you speak on a 2014 UTP cruise and eventually, started my own. Thanks for all you do to encourage other genealogists.


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