Thursday, October 15, 2015

Some leads coming my way?

Back in National Family History Month I was the winner of not one but two prizes in the Prize Draw. I am most grateful to all of the sponsors for their support of this event.

One of my prizes was 5 Birth, Death or Marriage Images  from The Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages. I was rather excited to win this as a few ancestors escaped to the Sunshine State and I don't know much about them. This prize is worth more than the $100 value to me.

I decided to order Death records as I thought I would get the most value from them. After a lot of deliberation and index searching I selected five people, three from my side of the family and three from Mr GeniAus' family. I have asked for records for a great-aunt and two first cousins once removed. On Mr Geniaus' side I've requested a first cousin once removed and a first cousin 3 times removed. I find the Queensland interface for searching more user friendly than the NSW one so my selection process was a pleasant activity.

Images ordered
I am hoping that I have spent my prize wisely and that the results lead me to find some new cousins.

My prize email from the The Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages says that I will have my images within four weeks - I can't wait.

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