Friday, October 23, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 23 October 2015

It's a chilly spring Friday here in Sydney so I have raided my sock drawer and also fished out a thick cardigan. With a hot cup of coffee beside me I am settling in for a pleasant hour revisitng posts read earlier this week.

1. Take a trip down memory lane with Chris. You could use her images for blogging prompts.

2. Fran asks if your blogging has dropped off lately.

3. Poor Shauna doesn't have any convicts of her own

4. I've gone past this many times over the years. Pleased to learn a little of its history.

5. An interesting comparison from Alona on Trove Tuesday

6. Can you help Sandra find Walter? How about leaving some suggestions on her blog?

7. Food for thought. I posted this on a Facebook group and got some aangry responses.

8. Suzy asks "Do you write letters?"

9. Kerrie Anne remembers local servicemen.

10. I loved poring over catalogues like these with my grandmother.

11. Lee shows us how to use Getty Images correctly

12 Lynne writes of a mousehole family.

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Experts in Genealogy

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KerrieAnne Christian said...

Thanks for the mention !

Jill Ball said...

It's been an interesting pilgrimage KerrieAnne.

Fran Kitto said...

Jill, I read the comments on Facebook about "stealing" content from the paid sites. I was frustrated that some do not understand that it is stealing. I had just finished reading it and moved onto another group I follow only to see another request. It reminded me of years ago for work when I spent hours (and hours) scanning or taking photos and creating images for the web when manufacturers where not even online yet. I found a site in South America that did not just steal the images but directly linked to my server stealing my bandwidth. They would not stop so as the products had been discontinued I change them all to a red images with white text saying "warning this image is stolen". It took them weeks to pick it up. While images may be freely available via other sources it is the work associated scanning or hosting that costs and validates charging a fee. But you understand. Hopefully more do now. I say No. Fran


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