Thursday, May 30, 2013

Q&A - A thorny question

Well I asked for it!

I invited those attending my Social Media Q&A session next week to email me any specific questions they would like me to address. One gentleman has taken up my offer by writing "I have booked in for your Social Media presentation and hope you will have time to discuss the 'Privacy Issue' of Facebook."

GRRR! One of the reasons I dislike Facebook is that they are constantly changing their rules and the way one goes about ensuring one's privacy. I'll try to give some specific guidance apart from the general guidelines I share for all social media sites.

As I was working on my presentation when the email came through I went over to my Facebook account and had a look around. I was satisfied with most of my settings but was surprised at how much was available on my Timeline. On investigation I found that all my recent posts were going out as public, I must remember to ensure that they are only targetted to my Friends before I post.

Anyway I was casting around for a Facebook privacy guide to give the people in my group next Thursday and found this useful one from the Wall Street Journal.  You may find it useful too.

I suppose that now I've shared this resource Facebook will change their rules again.

1 comment:

Kerryn Taylor said...

thanks for sharing this Jill. Facebook privacy is a pain.


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