Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Visit to FWL

On our recent holiday I took a little time off from touristing to catch up with some genimates.

As we headed to Bristol to visit the SS Great Britain we detoured via Calne in Wiltshire to call at the offices of Family Wise Ltd to have a cuppa with Managing Director, Kirsty Gray and her crew.

I knew that Kirsty had a thriving People Finding business but I was blown away by the size of the enterprise I found in a quaint heritage building in this quiet corner of Wiltshire.

FWL Headquarters
Beavering away in this open office were seven researchers busily tracking down  ancestors and heirs. And this is not the full complement of the Family Wise Ltd  team, they have a team of researchers who work off site in many corners of the world. Both Mr GeniAus and I were impressed by the FWL set up. With the way this business is growing I fear it may soon have to find more spacious premises.

Kirsty and GeniAus

FWL Wall of fame - Difficult mysteries solved

Kirsty and her Mini Me companion
From this office Kirsty with the assistance of Katherine Harrison, Event Planner, and the Board for the event is coordinating the organisation of THE Genealogy Show 2019. With the energetic Kirsty at the helm this event promises to be a huge success. I'll be heading to Birmingham for the show in June 2019.

Event Planner, Katherine

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