Friday, September 18, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 18 September 2015

I had a beaut trip to Port Macquarie this past week where I attended the Annual Conference of  The NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies Inc. On our way back to Sydney we visited Mr GeniAus' 1st cousin once removed to fill her in the recent reseaarch we have done on the Ball line. She had many laughs when we related some of the family stories we had found on Trove. Hearing those stories prompted some pithy comments from her aboutsome of the ancestors. I'll add them to my database but might mark them as private!

I just noticed that my GAGs badge tones in with my new blog look. I pimped my blogs this week too.

I've had more time for blog reading this week so my selections will stray from Australia and family history. This collection is subjective as inclusions are influenced by my emotions and environment.

1. A question we are often asked. Lynda answers.

2. Tanya discovers the truth about a potential swimmer.

3. Hilary from Wales discusses milestones

4. I love bling of any kind... and geneabling is really cool. Thanks,, Randy

5. Just when I thought geneablogging in Australia was losing popularity I found a humorous new one

6. On my gunna list was a report of the Port Macquarie Conference but Shauna has done a such a beaut job I don't need to.

7. I love libraries and  so does Yvonne.

8. Fascinating post from Canva, one of my fave free software apps. I read every word.

9. An important message in an attractive package, via Angie in the US.  

10.  Sherie comes face to face with a convict ancestor.

11. We can't get to every event so thanks Lenore for arranging a virtual visit for us.

12. Moya talks about a new way of displayong your family history.

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Kerrie Anne Christian said...

How interesting - my husband is also a descendant of Thomas Crumpton



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