Monday, February 10, 2014

#UTPCruise - It's already Day 7

As soon as we arrived in port I phoned Mr Geniaus and said that I couldn't decide if I should get off the cruise ship to see Hobart. He suggested that if I didn't have cabin fever I may as well stay on board.

As I have lots of genealogy work to do and I have visited Hobart on a number of occasions I took his advice and have remained closeted in my cabin since we docked. I don't feel confined as I have my balcony door open. I have a fresh breeze wafting in and I am able to see the city and Mount Wellington.

I just spent twenty minutes recording a Hangout on Air that relates my experiences of the last two days. Unfortunately although it appeared that the video in the hangout was recording it does not appear on the recording. Don't you just love technology?

If you would like to hear my recording you can do so from here.


Anne Young said...

Hi Jill, it was a video not just a sound recording :)

Anne said...

I could see the video as well as hear it.

Alex Coles said...

I just see a Playback Error message from YouTube, and get neither video nor audio! It's been fun reading and watching your reports from the field though.

Haz said...

I have been enjoying all your hang outs from the ship nice to see the sunshine the sleaty snow is coming down out side in Scotland.

GeniAus said...

Pleased some of you could see it.


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