Thursday, February 6, 2014

#UTPCruise - Day 1

This busy bee hasn't got time to type too much so I'll post some pictures to tell the story.  I'll be doing a Google Hangout on Air to tell you about my experiences.

That's our boat - taken from the Cahill Expressway
Registration in the Conference Center
Backing up for another geneacruise - Rob (Victoria) and Diane (W.A.)

All fuelled up and ready for take off
Not a bad view from my balcony
Coffee with Marg from W.A.
Safety First - Lifeboat Drill

Lifeboat Station B11
Shauna Hicks is ready to cruise
Dinner Table mates - Alan and Ann (S.A.)
Peter and Irene (Victoria)
Tucker Time - a bit tough

Genealogy Rockstars - Thomas MacEntee (USA), GeniAus and Kirsty Gray (UK)

Orientation Session
Ahoy there Geneabloggers


Sharon said...

Wishing I was there. Have a fantastic time.

Alex Daw said...

Looks so much fun! Thanks for sharing it with us Jill :)

Lynn Broderick said...

If we could only be in two places at once! Looking forward to your future posts :)

J. Paul Hawthorne said...

Great photos. I wish I was there too! Have fun!

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