Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top 100 .... thanks to the meme

I can't remember when I last visited the Technorati site. I had a look today because I noticed that I had a couple of visits to this blog via that site.

To my surprise I found that the Geniaus blog was in their top 100 Infotech Blogs list. Seems I've moved up 43 places.

Technorati -  21 September 2011

I reckon that it's because of The Tech Savvy Genealogists' meme. A number of people have linked to Geniaus from their meme posts which have included a lot of techie vocabulary and I guess these have been picked up by Technorati who have put me in the company of geeks.

So that's my theory.

I realise that this is a momentary blip so I am recording this piece of family history before I slide back into oblivion.  


Amy Coffin said...

You are so famous! A genea-celebrity, for sure. :)

b said...

Never look technorati in the eye and pray for the best. It seems that we are sometimes at our best when we aren't even trying.

Anyway congratulations. It is all a mystery to me but I am glad you found what works...let us know what was up with that!

My husband is dabbling with genealogy and I have written one post on the subject. It drew a lot of traffic much to my surprise. People are doing some amazing stuff with their searches...including you evidently.


Anonymous said...

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