Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Google Wave cont'd

I have now joined a few waves for educators and genealogists and hope that there will be some cross fertilisation of ideas between these two areas of interest. The platform is quite easy to use if one refers to cheatsheets etc and there are plenty of these around on the web. It is certainly no more difficult than Wiki creation and editing.

Yesterday I took the plunge and created my first little wave, it's really a ripple, but I hope that one day it's effect may be tidal. Pasted below is the content from that first effort. I have made the wave public so hope to be collaborating soon.

The wave URL is!w%252BmBd23WHeA.5

Australian Genealogy and Family History
I am seeking others with Google Wave accounts who have an interest in this topic.
This is a place where genealogists from downunder - with roots from all over the world can collaborate. Contributions from others with interests in Australian Genealogy are also most welcome.
I see this Australian Genealogy and Family History wave as an umbrella wave from which we can link to other waves about Australian Genealogy eg State or Locality Based, Name Based, Society Based. It is hoped that we can have sections for those who can do Lookups/Offer Assistance, Lists of our favourite resources (both free and paid), News of Events.
I will set up some headings below and ask that participants add and edit the information under those headings. Please do not be offended when I move/edit your contributions as I try to maintain some semblance of order in this wave.
Australian Genealogists on Twitter (Non-Commercial)
Australian Genealogy Blogs
Australian Genealogy Resources
  • Ryerson Index
  • NLA Newspapers

Family Sites by Australian Genealogists
Genealogy Societies in Australia
Genealogy Waves
Please add any general comments or discussion below this box and we'll keep the area above relativley tidy!!

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