Monday, June 15, 2020

Monday's Mailbox

After a weekend in which I was finally able to meet up with living family I am answering those emails that required more than just a short answer via my smartphone.  I took a break from my computer after I hosted a Zoom meeting for our FHG on Saturday and read a book then on Sunday we travelled down to Sydney to celebrate a birthday with one of our grandsons.

First job this morning was to post a photo in the "Proud Momma" meme on Facebook. Trawling through my collection to find ten photos for this activity has given me much pleasure as I relive so many happy moments. The photos (see below) I posted today were of four of my proudest Momma moments.

I then needed to answer some emails. The first was a request from a colleague who had some questions about my experiences hosting Zoom meetings. I replied about some of my limited experience and referred her to some genimates with more experience than me.

The next reply was to a member of our local Group. In our Zoom meeting on the weekend I shared the spreadsheet I use to keep track of DNA matches, this lady was interested so I offered her a copy of my  spreadsheet template.

The third email I had to chase up has kept me busy on and off all day. It was from a second cousin's daughter making contact because she had found my website and wanted to talk about our ancestors. My cousin bait has reeled in a good match.

We managed to connect on Facebook after I changed my strict privacy settings (now changed back). This lovely young woman has sent me copies of some photos and clippings that her grandmother had. I was able to identify some of the people in them and even found one with myself, another with my son and another with my daughter. It has been so much fun messaging back and forth. 

Meanwhile I was supposed to be writing the newsletter for our local family history group. Somehow I nearly managed to get it finished. I'll fill the remaining half column in the morning and send it off for proofreading (most necessary with my lack of keyboarding skills).

How was your Monday?

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