Friday, March 1, 2019

I got to shake his hand...

and we had a short chat ...  he told me had had a friend who was going to Australia this week.

Everyone loves a surprise and we were dealt a huge one when Martin Luther King III came on stage during the opening session of the 2019 Rootstech Conference. He had such a presence as he spoke about the International African American Museum and shared some of the words of  his late father, Martin Luther King Junior.

I posted this on Twitter "Martin Luther King III on stage at speaking powerfully of his father's vision of a fully integrated society. A world in which all men will live together as brothers."

Martin Luther King III on stage at Rootstecg
Some time after the session Mr King walked through the Media Hub with his minders but he stopped to shake my hand and have a chat. I was gobsmacked to be in the company of such a lovely, humble human being.

Thanks to the Rootstech organisers for giving us the opportunity to hear Mr King.

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Flissie said...

How wonderful for you Jill. A very special moment with a special person.


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