Saturday, October 27, 2018

GeniAus Favicon

There are often several browser tabs open at once on my computer.

It has been said that pictures speak louder than words. I can identify many of these from the little Favicons that display in the browser tabs but when I have  some with the same little icon it's hard to distinguish one from the other. I found directions from Chick Croll on how to do this here This used to be a fiddly process but it is so easy now.

Until recently if I had three or four Blogger blogs open I could not identify which was which without reading the small text in the tabs but now that has changed.

Now I just have to look for for my familiar GeniAus portrait Favicon to find my blogger blog. I can also easily identify Myrt's Musings from DearMYRTLE's favicon.

My open browser tabs
That little portrait is an important of my branding - several years ago when I was going to change my portrait to a more lifelike/real photo one of my genimates said "You can't do that - it's part of your brand. So now I use it at every opportunity.

Together with my internet identity GeniAus it make my content easily recognisable.


Alona Tester said...

It's a great idea to have a favicon, and thanks to a nephew I have my "L Plate" as mine. I will just mention that your icon still shows as the Blogger (orange B) icon for me. But thinking about it, maybe it's cached, so I'll recheck that.

Jill Ball said...

Alona - with your Lonetester alias and other bits and bobs your branding is top notch.

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