Friday, February 2, 2018

Monday Geneapourri

So I started this post on Monday and here it is Friday!

I borrowed the Geneapourri theme from Randy Seaver a,s on Monday, I had a geneaday where I devoted myself to geneatasks but, by the time I got to writing this post, I was tired and ready to take to my bed with Ernest Hemingway.

When Mr GeniAus asks me how I fill in my days I sometimes struggle to find an answer so, on Monday, I took a few notes.

As is my daily practice I started with a cup of coffee and read through emails and social media on my smartphone prior to rising. I responded, commented on and shared some posts to my new GeniAus page on Facebook. Because I prefer to do most tasks on my computer I had to leave my bed and get myself comfortable in an upright position at my desk.

With my GeneabloggersTRIBE admin hat on I sent out some welcome to the Tribe emails and wrote a couple of welcome blog posts like this one.

As I have a busy few weeks ahead I wrote and scheduled some posts for the Geneadictionary. While that blog doesn't have a huge readership it has created quite a bit of interest in the geneacommunity. I regularly get suggestions for inclusion via social media from genimates.

I need to be equipped for Rootstech and Congress two geneaevants that I am attending so I did a spot of shopping at Vistaprint. My new contact cards and bag are already on their way to me.

I shouldn't lose this bag

Someone who had found my online tree via a Google search had emailed me with a correction so I noted this in my tree and responded. I must remember to upload the corrections to my website.

On Sunday evening I had a run through with Martyn Killion (President), Heather Garnsey (Exec Officer) and Danielle Lautrec (Education Officer) of the webinar I was giving for SAG on Thursday. I had taken lots of notes so, as a result,  I spent quite some time modifying my powerpoint slides for the gig. All through the day I monitored the Genimates at Congress 2018 Facebook page that I administer, I try to respond to comments/questions there in a timely fashion.

Webinar Powerpoint
I am the administrator of a Facebook page for a family history group so I answered two local questions that came via that platform. All one required to find a comprehensive answer was a simple Google search using a person's name!

Realising that I hadn't been keeping the Presentations page on my GeniAus blog up to date I tried to fill in some gaps. As I am speaking on Beaut blogs at Congress I need to tart mine up!
As a Rootstech Ambassador I like to promote that event and I am taking particular interest in their mobile app. What amazes me is that there are many folk spruiking the benefits of the app but only a handful who are making their profiles public and using the collaborative features of the app. So every so often I took a look at my phone to see who else had shared their profiles. Not many - go figure!

Whenever I want to pat myself on my back for completing my geneatasks I let myself indulge in a bit of  Tangential Genealogy. My wanderings took me to my Ancestry DNA matches and four new 4th-6th cousin matches. I was able to work out where two fitted in but the others are in my mystery pile. Fingers crossed that they respond to my messages. It has taken me ages to get to 52 confirmed matches on Ancestry, passing 50 this week was quite a milestone. My lowest confirmed match, an adoptee,  shares just 7.5 centimorgans shared across 1 DNA segments with me.  By the time I came up for a breather my day was done.

Today, Friday, I have another Geneaday all to myself. I'm sure that it will be different from Monday. Do your days resemble mine?


Jane Taubman said...

I am surprised you find time to eat in a day like that. Mine starts very similarly, coffee and email in bed, but then on weekdays I have get up and get to work. Working from home at least means I don't need to drive anywhere and can get to work in about 30 seconds!

GeniAus said...

Pleased I don't have to go to work Jane - I don't have time for a job.

Alex Daw said...

I don't know that my days could ever match yours dear are so busy. But yes, my next blog post is similar in that it tries to capture all I did in the first month of this year.


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