Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's time for a page

Last week I prattled on about changes to my social media use.

In particular I said that I was rarely using Google+ to share interesting announcements, news and posts that I came across in my geneareading each day. Lately I have been sharing these in a mishmash of ways to Twitter, Facebook Groups and Pages, on my own Facebook stream, sometimes Google+ and in mentions on blog posts.

I have also not been collating my Friday GeniAus Gems posts lately as these took me several hours to put together and I would rather have a more immediate and less time consuming way of sharing others' blog posts that strike a chord with me.

I notice that a number of my readers no longer use RSS feed readers to curate their blog reading. Some people rely on Facebook notifications to learn about new posts. I also sometimes forget to promote my posts so they only reach the audience who have subscribed to my blog.

Usually an early adopter I have resisted using Facebook as my main vehicle for sharing. This morning, after realising that I had shared stuff all over the place via different avenues, I decided to join the swim on Facebook and try to restrict most of my geneasharing to one place that is easily accessible on mobile devices.

I am about to make a new GeniAus Page on Facebook that I will use for sharing my GeniAus' Gems. It will be useful for sharing those snippets that I feel are important but that do ot warrant a blog post.

.... Half an hour has gone by and I now have a page. Please Like my page to see my posts at https://www.facebook.com/geniauspage/.

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