Friday, March 17, 2017

Blog in Malay - On St Patrick's Day!

Blogger made an inappropriate suggestion to me..

I have seen no evidence of St Patrick's Day while out and about in Singapore today but thought I should not let the day pass without blogging as the ethnicity suggestions from my DNA tests suggest that I have a good bit of Irish DNA.

Ancestry DNA suggests that I have 51% Irish ancestry while FTDNA suggests my DNA is 86% from The British Isles (which includes Ireland). My traditional research suggests that I am more than 60% Irish so I do have cause to celebrate. In fact I can claim to have a Green Tree.

But let's get back to Blogger and that inappropriate suggestion. The people at Blogger think they know me well but today they suggested that I should blog in Malay. Here is the message I received when I logged in to write this post today.

Thanks for your interest, Blogger. As the only phrase I know in Malay is Selamat Datang, I think I'll pass on your suggestion and concentrate on tracking down my ancestors from Ireland.

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