Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Even if my eyes are only about 62% Irish they are smiling tonight.

I discovered yesterday that the Irish Civil BDM Registration Indexes are online here : and haven't I been having a field day for the last few hours. Online are the indexed records of Irish Births, Deaths and Marriages from 1864 and of non-Catholic marriages from 1845 including the Indexed records of Civil Partnerships from 2010 onwards.

Irish Civil Records Search Screen

Several years ago, on a visit to Ireland, a cousin of my Dad's gave me details of some second and third cousins on my Kealy from Kilkenny line but she had no sources for any of the information she gave me. I put the information in my family tree and a couple of people contacted me with further information. I found a few more details in online trees but had nothing that a pedantic genealogist would class as a source.

So here I am ploughing through the indexes and adding sources to my Kealys. Most of the information I was given was correct but where I just had years I have dates as some of the index entries give full dates. Many of the index records for births give the Mother's maiden name so I can be confident that I am referencing the right entries.

Once I finish this task I will think about purchasing some certificates but now it's back to work.

It's not a Happy Dance I'm doing tonight but an Irish Jig.


Susan Toulson said...

It's a great step forward in the frustrating world of Irish research. I too managed to clarify some death and marriage dates. Now if only there was an easy way to directly order the certificate without going to another site, and trying to find the actual Reference Number, etc. etc.
One can only dream of the day when the actual certificates are digitized and accessible (even if we have to pay). Instead, we guess and spend 20 Euros to order the wrong cert!

Dara said...

Hi Jill, I've been harvesting the new indexes for data all week too, it’s so exciting!
Susan, please consider the €4 research certs for genealogy purposes. I've often faxed my applications with my credit card details – without issue. You can use their new Group Registration ID instead of the usual index references, if preferred. See link to John Grenham’s template application form.

Jana Last said...


I want to let you know that two of your blog posts are listed in today's Fab Finds post at

Have a great weekend!


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