Monday, October 4, 2010

Gerringong Municipal Council 1871-1954

The message copied below is shamelessly snipped from a message on the Sydney DPS Rootsweb List. I don't think that the Gerringong and District Historical Society will object to the publicity but I have written seeking thier approval.

"A new book, "Gerringong Municipal Council 1871-1954" was released on Friday. It can be obtained from the Gerringong Museum, or by mail/email using the links at

The book details every Council election from the formation of the Council in 1871 until its amalgamation with Kiama in 1954 with, in most cases, vote counts and details of unsuccessful candidates. Every Alderman who served on the Council is identified, and his precise
term of service detailed.

Also included is the story of the controversial elections of 1911.

The GDHS has decided that the book will only be available in pdf format, to reduce the cost. The pdf can be printed and bound by the purchaser if required for about one-third the cost of the postage to
supply it already bound.

John Graham
Gerringong and District Historical Society"

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