Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How did they get here?

Our National Anthem reminds us that Australia "is girt by sea"; it is a big island not reachable by land from any other country.

As my ancestors were not able to walk on water they had to make the perilous journey to the land downunder by sea. Unfortunately a number of them had no say in the matter as they were banished to Australia for a range of petty crimes and the remainder came to escape poverty in Ireland.

As all of my ancestors had arrived in Australia by 1877 there are no photographic records of their journeys. I am therefore offering, as my contribution to "Smile for the Camera, 18th Edition - Travel" some pictures found on the internet of those ships on which my ancestors made the arduous journey to Australia.

Mary Kealy 1877 - Kapunda (Follow link for picture - cannot paste image due to copyright restrictions)

Richard Aspinall 1837- Bengal Merchant

I cannot find immigration details for some of my other ancestors but I presume they didn't swim. Unfortunately I cannot find pictures of the ships that brought the following ancestors to Australia in the 1800s. I will keep searching.

Patrick Curry - Hooghley
James Homer - Elizabeth I
Catherine Maxwell - Caroline
Ellen Moore - Mariner
Elizabeth Phipps - Wanstead
James Pusell - James Pattison
Denis Tierney and Eliza D'arcy - China
John Tucker - Hercules II
James Westbrook - Earl Spencer

This post was prepared for the Genealogy Carnival: Smile for the Camera, 18th Edition"Travel"

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Mel said...

My Hayward/Jones ancestors were from England and Wales, but ended up in Australia around 1830-1835. Can you imagine taken such a trip on one of these ships? I wonder how long it took to get over being seasick.


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