Monday, December 8, 2008

A month down the track

It's just over a month since I created this blog and made the first post. I wondered then if the content would have relevance to others and if anyone would read my musings. On November 17th I added Google Analytics code to the blog as a means of counting hits and tracking users.

Since 17/11/2008 the blog has had over 50 visitors and around 100 hits; some of these have stumbled on the blog accidentally through search engine keyword searches and some have been referred from other sites. A couple of people have visited five times and some only once. Most of the visits are from Australia and the US but there have been hits from the UK, Canada, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, New Zealand and The Netherlands. An interesting statistic to emerge is that most visitors to the blog use the Firefox browser.

Like most people I love a bit of positive reinforcement; the small number of visitors returning to my blog have given me that and encouraged me to continue blogging. So publishing of Geniaus, the genealogy blog with an Australian flavour, will continue for the present.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I found you a day or two ago via another genealogy blog, which had a map of recently updated blogs by location.


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