Saturday, August 13, 2022

Loud and clear

I didn't join the weekly SAG hangout yesterday afternoon because my headset is on its last legs.

While I'm not a "gamer" earlier this week I made a purchase of a piece of gaming technology from Amazon AU. I was hoping that it would be delivered by 4pm so I could join my genimates at The SAG but it didn't arrive until way after dark. 

This morning I plugged the new device in and fired up a zoom session to give it a test run. If you listen to the zoom recording below you'll see that the new tech works.

FYI My purchase was a Logitech G432 Gaming Headset. It was only $AU85 and came with free delivery. 

When I plugged it in it was immediately detected by my computer, it's reasonably light and comfortable and appears to work. I'm pleased with my purchase.


  1. It does! Hope I can get to join another SAG hangout soon. It tends to compete with a Novice Bridge session I play every Friday afternoon. The ear muffs on my headset look a bit sad of late. You know how the plastic perishes after a while? So I may have to get some new ones too.

  2. Clear as a bell Jill


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