Thursday, May 19, 2022

Seated at the Cemetery

On the last day of our recent holiday we had about 8 hours to explore Broome. We grabbed a little rental car and off we went.

Our Hot Wheels

Mr Geniaus encouraged me the visit some local cemeteries. I really didn't need any encouragement and we managed to visit three.

The first cemetery we visited was the Chinese cemetery which as well as having historic graves is still used today for current burials. We found a well-maintained, tidy cemetery with splashes of colour provided by those graves decorated with artificial flowers and other ornaments. 

I noticed something here that I haven't noticed in any other cemetery I have visited. There are seats placed at the foot of several of the graves, due to their placement I presume they are installed by the families of the deceased. I thought this was a wonderful idea for those I wish to visit, say a little prayer,  contemplate on past memories with their loved ones or have a chat with their ancestors. 

I wonder if they are placed on common property or if the families of the deceased resting in those graves pay a fee to place them there. Sadly in many of our crowded cemeteries it would not be possible to allow such fixtures to be added. 

While at the cemetery I took photos of several headstones which I am currently uploading to FindaGrave. I regret not taking more as when I checked on FG this morning there were only six memorials recorded and photographed. I have since more than doubled that number plus added some extra photos to the Cemetery page.

Do you often stray into cemeteries when on holiday?

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