Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just in - Free British Webinars from Familysearch

Dear British Family History Researchers:
We are pleased to announce the British class Webinars for the month of August. They are as follows:
British Case Study (Mark Gardner) – Tuesday, August 8th at 1:00PM, B-2 Lab.   This webinar (and Your British Research Questions Answered) can fast-track your genealogical research knowledge and skills as few other learning venues and opportunities. This intensive collaborative class will teach you ways to solve difficult research scenarios by raising awareness for better steps to take that empower you to success, and which will clarify your thinking and provide some usable strategies for future research.

Tracing Ancestry in English Census Records (Todd Knowles) – Thursday, August 17th at 1:00PM, B-2 Lab. This class illuminates many of the marvelous online sites which provide quick access to many of the available census records (1841-1911)  and the advantages of some of those sites, over others. There’s so many excellent choices, so watch Todd as he navigates through and empowers you towards greater success along the your research trails using these outstanding records.

Kissing Cousins or Not? Understanding Generations, Kith, Kin and Relationships (Craig Foster) – Tuesday, August 22nd at 1:00PM, B-2 Lab.  This class explains differences between kith, kin, first and second cousins, as well as explains generations and why understanding this is so important.

Genealogical Treasures at  (Mark Gardner) – Thursday, August 24th  at 1:00PM, B-2 Lab. This class addresses the rich English treasures and powerful databases this fast growing website has assembled which allows  you some of the best chances for success in locating your England ancestry. Come and participate as Mark demos the myriad resources at your perusal.

Your British/Irish Research Questions Answered (Phil Dunn) – Thursday, 31st at 1:00PM, B-2 Lab. Have a brickwall line you haven’t worked on in years? Bring it and any others to this webinar and watch us help you break it down into manageable steps—be it, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, or British subject abroad. Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to gain direct access to one of the Family History Library’s professional genealogists to obtain answers to your brick wall ancestral research problem.

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